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a thin rigid or soft lens designed to fit on the front surface of the cornea and usually worn to correct defects in vision

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Reducing The Risks Associated With Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have made it easier for teenagers to get through the awkward years by helping them see without having to wear glasses that make them seem nerdy. With colored contacts, people who have dreamed of having dreamy blue eyes can experience a different look.

But wearing contact lenses does come with some risk, according to experts.

Swimming with contacts

First, to decrease the risk of wearing contact lenses, take them off before swimming. Researchers have found wearing contacts under water is linked with dangerous eye infections arising from contaminated water and chlorine. Chemicals in the water can be absorbed by the contact lenses.
You can slightly decrease the risk by wearing underwater goggles. Also, dispose of your contacts after they have been exposed to chlorinated water or seawater.

Contacts and fungal outbreaks

According to news releases, the ReNu product by Mausch & Lomb called MoistureLoc solution may be connected to fungal keratitis, a rare eye infection. The company stopped shipment of the product. The eye infection is serious because it can cause damage to the cornea and is not easily treated.

Buying contact lenses on-line

Itís important to be cautious when purchasing contact lenses off the Internet. On-line sellers need to verify prescriptions or face penalties.

The reason itís important to the consumer is because you should never purchase contact lenses unless you

first see an optometrist for an updated prescription.

Even if you are wearing cosmetic contact lenses just for appearance because you want to have green eyes today instead of brown, make sure you visit an optometrist first. You need to have your eyes checked before wearing contacts even if you have perfect vision.

In the summer of 2006, the U. S. Federal Trade Commission sent numerous letters to on-line sellers of decorative contact lenses that claimed people did not need a prescription.

In 2005, the U. S. Congress made it more difficult for people to purchase decorative contact lenses without a prescription.
They amended laws into include colored and decorative contact lenses under a restricted category along with other medical devices.

Cosmetic contact lenses pose risks such as eye injury and blindness when sold without a proper fitting.

Finally, when you make an appointment to see an eye doctor, you will receive a regular screening exam to check your vision.
Also, a trained professional will be on hand to show you how to correctly put contact lenses into your eyes whether you are using contact lenses to see or just for vanity.

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