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a thin rigid or soft lens designed to fit on the front surface of the cornea and usually worn to correct defects in vision

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Information About Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are optical accessories which rest directly on the cornea (the transparent, dome-shaped window covering the front of the eye.). Their task is to provide a better and natural vision than present-day spectacles.

Distortion caused by side vision and eye-lens distance is eliminated in using contact lenses. With spectacles the eye-lens distance makes the size of the objects appear smaller or bigger than actual depending upon whether you are near sighted or far sighted.

Spectacles block the peripheral vision because of the frame. When you look downwards, upwards or sideways you are looking outside the perimeter of the lens which makes you look at object without the eye glasses resulting in distorted or blurred vision because you are not looking through the optic zone.

This is more so because of the smaller frames fashionable these days. When you wear contact lenses, regardless of which way you look, you are always looking through the optic zone resulting in perfect vision. Contact lenses are resistant to scratches and easy breakage. They are also resistant to fogging and will provide clear vision even on a rainy day.

There are basically two kinds of contact lenses: Soft contact lenses and Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact

lenses. Both types can be used to correct all kinds of vision problems - hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.

Soft lenses are easier to wear and more comfortable. This is the reason why they are selected by more than 80 percent of users. RGP lenses are used only when you must wear them constantly over a long period of time.

Selecting a depends upon the result of your optical examination. It is a smart idea to tell your ophthalmologist that you desire to use contact lenses and not glasses, so that he/she can test your eyes in view of that. A number of ophthalmologists do not advise contact lenses unless you ask them for a set.

Wearing contact lenses is appropriate to certain people like sports persons, acrobats, riders, etc., because they do not get in the way of their professional life. If you are in any of these professions and have a preference to wear spectacles, you can wear contact lenses on the job and swap them for glasses in your free time.

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