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A contact lens (also known as "contact", for short) is a corrective or cosmetic lens placed on the cornea of the eye atop the iris.

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Special Effects Colored Contacts
For any Hollywood actor whose role requires the eyes of an
alien, or an evil creature, the place to go is Hollywood
Vision. When it comes to special effects colored contacts,
they’re the experts. Of course, if you’re just an average
person in the market for some special effect lenses to wear
to the club, or to your next Halloween party, Hollywood
Vision, and its professional, custom-made lenses may be
way out of your price range. But don’t worry – fortunately
for you, there are some affordable options that allow you to
get the costume contact lenses you want, without spending
an arm and a leg.


This company produces an affordable line of special effects
lenses (also know as “special fx”) to the general public.
Their lenses are offered under the brand name, WildEyes.
In the WildEyes line, you’ll find designs like Black-Out,
Cat Eye, Alien and glow-in-the-dark contacts, as well as
many others. Most of these lenses are of the non-correction
kind, and aren’t designed to correct your vision. Even so,
you need to have them properly fitted and get a prescription
so they’ll be safe to wear. You can usually get the lenses
for $100 or less per pair, and you’ll probably have to pay
another $100 for the eye exam.

Cooper Vision


company also sells an affordable line of theatrical
lenses know as Crazy Lenses, which include varieties like
Red Spiral, Fire, Stars & Stripes and NFL Football team
logos. Again, you’ll need a basic eye exam to have the
lenses properly fitted, even if your vision doesn’t need

Crystal Reflections

This company offers special effect colored contacts from
“Interview With The Vampire”, like the eyes of the
vampire Louis, as well as the vampire Lestat. Crystal
Reflections is known for their “FXeyes” brand. They even
have other effects like their “Flames”, “Blanc Stare”,
“Green Dragon” or “Manson”.

These are just a few good sources for affordable special
effects colored contact lenses. Shop around and you’ll
probably discover a lot of others as well. Special effects
lenses are no longer just something that’s available to the
Hollywood elite. Now, you too can add those wild visual
effects to your eyes that you’ve always seen in the movies
or on television.

About the author:

James Perez is the webmaster for an informative site about contact lenses. Get more information on theatrical contact lenses




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