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A contact lens (also known as "contact", for short) is a corrective or cosmetic lens placed on the cornea of the eye atop the iris.

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Chicago Lasik Eye Surgery- The Debate Goes On
Chicago Lasik eye surgery doctors have been in a heated debate as to which is safer. Is Lasik safer or are contacts safer? Contact lenses are basically eyeglasses without the frames. They are artificial lenses placed daily in the eye to improve vision. Laser-Assisted Situ Keratomileusis, also know as Lasik surgery is a procedure in which the eye’s cornea is physically re-sculpted to
improve a patients vision. The doctors change the shape of the eye which will result in a type of permanent contact lens.

So what sparked this heated debate. Turns out a local teen taking a swim on the lake on a hot summer day had some unwanted quests decide to take up residency on his contact lenses. While the teen was taking a swim it appears that some one-celled parasites attached themselves to the teens contact lenses. The lenses were the perfect environment for the parasites to grow and prosper. The mother reported that the teen was hospitalized with a massive eye infection and that the pain

was incredible. Chicago doctors are claiming a victory for Lasik over contact lenses.

It has long been accepted that a cure to the outside of the body is safer than that which is necessary to cut open the body. It stands to reason that a placed on the eyes surface was long thought to be safer than cutting the cornea with a laser. Lasik surgery Chicago doctors hope that this way of thinking is no longer true. Some of the arguments of the pro LASIK surgery Chicago doctors are summarized in the following.

Most are not aware that nearly 34 million Americans wear portable contact lenses. There are millions of dollars associated each year with the wearing of contact lenses. From doctors visits and lenses to wetting solutions, lens cleaners and much more. Lasik surgery Chicago doctors estimate that about one million Americans have had laser vision refractive surgery. Depending on location and circumstances, the Lasik procedure can run between $1000 to $5000 dollars.




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