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A contact lens (also known as "contact", for short) is a corrective or cosmetic lens placed on the cornea of the eye atop the iris.

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What You Need To Know About Contact Lenses
You have decided to go for contact lenses, but you’re not sure if you’ll be able to wear them all the time or if you can handle them properly? Here are some recommendations that you should take into consideration…
- You must wash your hands before using contact lenses;
- A progressive wearing of your contact lenses is needed (from a couple of hours in the first day, to a 12 hours period later on);
- You should avoid wearing them in the week-end or at least one day per week;
- Store the contact lenses in their special boxes and if you have different dyoptrics, be careful not to mix them up;
- Every morning after putting on your contact lenses, throw away the solution in which you kept them overnight and refresh it in the evening;
- Make sure that you always keep your contact lenses in their special solution; if not, they dry and become useless. You must use the special solution that comes with your contact lenses and not some improvised solutions like those with water and salt.

These recommendations are everyday steps that must be followed for a proper hygiene of your contact lenses, but when it comes to going away on vacation you should also consider the followings:
-You must not use any cream soap because the cream will remain on your hands and can be easily transferred to your contact lens;
- After swimming, the contact lenses must be removed, cleaned and disinfected. You must know that not all contact lenses can be worn at the beach or at the pool. The rigid ones can get lost easily; therefore those flexible and soft ones are more suitable for these situations. There are also special contact lenses for swimming, but you should make sure that they are appropriate for this before actually going swimming. You can easily find out if your contact lenses are made for swimming, by diving with your eyes wide open, into a bowl full of water. Move your head around a few times and, if your contact lenses don’t move, then you’re good to go!
- When you get out of the water you have to blink often in order to eliminate the excess liquid from your eyes. You shouldn’t rub your eyelids very hard.

Nowadays, when we can change almost every part of our body that we dislike, our eyes don’t make an exception. We can actually choose the color of our eyes, due to a simple contact lens. Since this option is often adopted by women, being regarded as one of the easiest change-of-look tricks, these women must remember the followings:
- Put on your contact lenses before putting on your make-up.

If you use fixative for your hair, do it before you put on the contact lenses, and close your eyes while you spray it.
- Keep away the nail varnish, your perfume or the acetone because these can affect the plastic in your contact lens.
- Blink often when you dry your hair so that your eyes don’t get dry.
- Use a liquid foundation cream, so that it doesn’t affect the contact lens.
There are various colors of contact lenses, adapted to everyone’s needs and wishes. You can even get a for Halloween and for a Vampire look or blank to make you look blind. You can simply choose a of a color and another of a different color for a strange, funny way of looking.
A large variety of colors is offered by acuvue contact lenses. Some acuvue contact lenses – ACUVUE 2 are available in various cosmetic tints like hazel, green, violet, amethyst, blue and even gray. There are also opaque acuvue contact lenses for darker eyes and enhancers for lighter eyes.

In the rush for a new change of “look”, people should consider that the contact lenses have its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you benefit from a constant correction of your eyesight, you can wear lenses overnight (such as acuvue contact lenses), your binocular eyesight improves and your visual field gets larger. Unlike eyeglasses, they are excellent for bad weather and can even change the color of your eyes. Last but not least, you can get rid of those annoying spectacles which leave traumas to the children.

On the other hand there are disadvantages as well: contact lenses need more care than spectacles. Their purchase and maintaining cost is higher. Contact lenses are not recommended to children, old people or to those persons who suffer from severe allergies, eye infections, the syndrome of the dry eye or who work in an environment that doesn’t allow a proper handling of the contact lenses. However, if the person is mature enough to take care what he buys and wears, the contact lenses can be an answer to a prayer.

As you can see, contact lenses are made to fit everyone’s necessities and desires, from a simple change of “look” to a medical prescription. So, no matter what you’re looking for, be sure that there’s a suitable pair of contact lenses for you!

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